Q:What is the Age limits?
A: 16 to 24

Q: What is a proper ID I can use to enter the club?
A: School ID, Drivers Licence, State ID

Q:What is the club hours?
A: We are open from 9 p.m. till 4am,

Q:Is there a phone # so I can reach someone?
A: you can email us @ info@zgclub.com, or call the club at 630-999-8071

Q:What is your exact address?

A: 22W 613 75th st., Naperville, IL 60565

Q: What is the dress code.
A: Dress to Impress, Club wear, or casual is ok, but NO sweats, or sports wear. Remember this is a Club, and you want to look your best, Zero Gravity is known to be the upper class dance club, so dress to impress.